Tanja Hrvatin Simičić: Why play board games with children?

Today’s way of life greatly disrupts the dynamics of the family. Parents are working more and more, and children have more and more extracurriculars. We strive to constantly achieve something, and we forget about presence and togetherness. These are values ​​that our children greatly lack and that is why many undesirable behaviors occur.

In the past, mothers were much more present at home, and board games were played in the evenings. These are the most wonderful memories all children have – time spent with a parent who shares the same focus and the same passion.

Our sped-up lives contribute to the fact that parents simply don’t have time to play board games with their children. It’s as if they are afraid… because they can’t escape from it as from some other types of games. Board games have a beginning and an end, and when we play other types of games with our children, we all know well that we usually get out of them quickly or do something else at the same time.

But playing board games with children is such an important activity that it is a great pity if your child does not experience it. Playing together satisfies the child’s needs for belonging, connection, love. The child feels important, valuable and loved because someone is playing a game with them on an equal footing and has a common goal. These are activities that today’s children lack. Entertaining activities with parents that aren’t interrupted by mobile phones and from which the parent doesn’t run away after a few minutes.

The needs that are met by playing a social game with the parent are actually in the background of every child’s behavior.

Am I loved?

Am I accepted and important?

Am I a part of something?

The child receives affirmative answers to these questions in a game played with the parent.

Stop what you’re doing and play a game with your child, which they will hold in their mind for a lifetime. They won’t remember the game itself, but they will remember how they felt during the game, and this feeling will be their motivation and navigation in life.

Let one day of the week be your evening – a ritual that your child will take with them forever!

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