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The Rules

12 child development experts from different areas of expertise made sure that the idea and rules will help develop collaboration, focus and key social skills in children.

How to play GIRI Game


Two to six players
Aged four to thirteen
One GIRI Game set
One sand clock (don’t worry, it comes in the game set)

1) Divide the players into one, two, or three teams

2) Decide which team or player is the Storyteller, and which ones are the Distractors

3) Storyteller draws Characters, Time, Place, Atmosphere, Theme and Objects cards
Distractors draw Teaser cards

4) Sketch out the story in your head for three minutes if you are in the role of Storyteller

5) Tell your story for the next three minutes – use all the cards
You can sing, act, dance, jump as you tell it

6) Distractors wait for the story to take its course for a few minutes… and then throw down Teaser cards to shake things up

7) Focus and adjust, Storytellers! Incorporate the Teaser cards into your story, without losing sight of your ending!

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