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GIRI Game is…

an exciting storytelling
card game for children
that can be played by the whole family.

It helps children improve their focus, learn to express their thoughts and ideas fully, and improvise in the moment.

Kids love GIRI game because…

they can share their stories, thoughts and dreams with friends – while their teammates change the course of the story with ‘Distractor’ cards.

This is how special, unique stories are always created with a lot of laughter and fun.

Parents love GIRI game because…

it’s a game that children created for children. The look and feel of the game seem positively childlike.

Through telling stories with set elements, children learn to express their thoughts and ideas fully and succinctly and improvise in the moment


4 – 13 is the recommended players’ age
6 players can play at once
4 players are Distractors
2 players are Storytellers


200 words are told on average
within one minute of the game
3 minutes is the duration of one game
2+ years is how long the game

was in development


300+ kids took part in testing the game
50+ kids drew the game
10+ experts in their respective fields

helped develop the game


100+ cards in the Characters, Objects, Place, Theme and Atmosphere category
32 Teaser cards
20 blank cards to be drawn on

by the players themselves

Meaning behind the word ‘GIRI’

In Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages in the world, giri means “cloud”, “that which springs up”, while the noun gira means “language” or “speech”. The cloud motif represents an endless world of play and imagination created by the two players in the roles of Storytellers. With them, two to four players can participate in the game as Distractors who distract the Storytellers by changing the course of the story with their cards.

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